Nissan, Ram plan for pickup future

Nissan adds new pickup to Titan lineup; Ram invests in production

New Titan marks the first ever regular cab in Titan’s history, as the company pushes into the contractor and fleet markets, while FCA retools plant.
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<p>Bertha and Carl Benz on one of his inventions</p>

Bertha Benz, first woman automobile pioneer

Bertha provided the financial support (investing her inheritance) for husband Carl Benz to pursue his dream of bringing his invention to the street.

<p>Morgan UK 1909 Selfridges Edition EV3</p>

Morgan to launch 3-wheel EV in fall

Only 19 electric cars will be produced, each available with bespoke driving kit from British design talents such as Alexander McQueen, Dents and Belstaff.

<p>Honda 25th Anniversary Sonic Civic</p>

Honda honours Sonic with custom Civic

Turbocharged Sonic Civic includes custom wheels, with the rear painted red like Sonic’s red runners and the front in gold like the rings he’s chasing.

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