2016 EcoRun showcases fuel-efficient vehicles

Toronto-Ottawa trek demonstrates latest eco-technologies to consumers en route

Pure electrics, plug-in and conventional hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, and efficient gasoline and diesel-fuelled vehicles make up the 27 entries.
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<p>Every bolt used on the 2017 Acura NSX is hand started into aluminum. It's then tightened precisely by a wireless torque wrench that can be accurate within 5% of each bolt used on the car. The entire process takes 62 minutes to complete, a system that simply would not be employed in a high-volume factory.</p>

Ford creates jobs for people with autism

Ford is creating new positions in product development, designed to suit the capabilities of people with autism, such as superb attention to detail.

<p>Gett ride-sharing app</p>

Toyota, VW embrace ride-sharing services

Digital mobility services show promise of huge earnings in coming years, with apps that make on-demand car-booking easier showing the biggest promise.

<p>The appearance of Halloween displays in stores and that infamous Staples ad playing on a continuous loop can only mean one thing: it&rsquo;s back-to-school time. If you are a student headed off to college or university, now is the time to find a car to help you get there, as well as to keep you mobile throughout the year. Depending on how much cash is left over from your summer job, there are several options and we've dug out some of the best.</p>

UK moves toward graduated licensing

Two thirds of those surveyed liked the idea of requiring special plates for young drivers and half thought there should be engine size restrictions.

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