Nissan study says we chose the wrong colour car

Research concluded buyers are too conservative in car-colour choices

Nissan-commissioned pan-European study of 5,000 new-car buyers showed that 86% of those polled were deemed to have made an incorrect colour choice.
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<p>News of fire-breathing, Hemi-powered Demons and Hellcats have been stealing the spotlight at FCA Group lately, but the automaker does have other products in its 2018 portfolio that are worthy of attention. Here&rsquo;s a quick peek at what you&rsquo;ll be seeing soon in FCA dealers&rsquo; showrooms.</p>
<p>By Clare Dear</p>

Chrysler Pacifica goes back to school

Through dealers, Pacificas will be available for schools to set up test-driving fund-raisers, with FCA donating $10 to the school per participant.

<p>Whether its stamping, welding, painting or assembly, the robotics widely employed at KMM for greater efficiency. There are some sections that use only robotics and others where humans work along with them.</p>

Slovakia may hold key to European auto industry

Famous for Eastern Bloc makes like Tatra and Skoda, the country now makes Audis, Kias, Porsches and Volkswagens, and soon Bentleys and Land Rovers.

<p>iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain</p>

Land Rover marketing targets younger enthusiasts

Special edition iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain features recognizable Land Rover signature cues, such as grille pattern and seat stitching.

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