VW $14.7B settlement set for emissions cheats

US federal judge approves compensation payments for VW TDI owners

$10 billion goes to owners of 2.0-litre diesel Audis and VWs, $4.7 billion toward emissions-reducing projects and other clean-vehicle initiatives.
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<p>Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory</p>

Ford plans to eliminate red lights

Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory uses info on traffic light timing and advises a car’s driver about the best speed to maintain to avoid red lights.

<p>angry woman driver</p>

UK research says women drivers are angrier

Researchers found two driving emotions — happiness (related to freedom of driving) and anger (usually from dealing with things beyond control).

<p>2017 Subaru Impreza hatchback</p>

Subaru launches new Impreza

Impreza is the first car to use Subaru’s new global platform that will eventually be the foundation for all new Subarus coming down the road.

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