Aston Martin RapidE EV will likely go fast

Just 155 electrified Rapides will be built in partnership with Williams

RapidE concept introduced in 2015 promised 800-1000 hp in either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive platform, expecting to deliver a range of 320 km.
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<p>UK within Europe</p>

German jobs threatened by Brexit, says Deloitte

Deloitte says 60,000 German auto jobs depend on UK sales (nearly one million in 2016), and that 18,000 might disappear if Britain pulls out of EU.

<p>Hybrid logo for 2020 Mustang</p>

Ford promotes Mustang hybrid

Launching in North America to start, hybrid Mustang will offer V-8 power, while using electric motor to improve fuel economy and low-end torque.

<p>2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon</p>

Fiat Chrysler sets rules for Challenger Demon sales

Priority given to those who pay MSRP or below it, while those who pay more than MSRP will have to wait longer, presumably to prevent price-gouging.

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