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Panoz goes into production

Boutique race car producers will make a road car just for you

Panoz Roadster
panoz gtlm.jpgPanoz LLC, the Braselton, Ga.-based race car manufacturer announced this month it would start making street-legal versions of its drool-worthy cars.

"We will be producing all these cars, on a one-off customer basis, for the street,” said John A. Leverett, Panoz LLC vice-president of sales, as assembled racing journalists gathered for a look at its new 10,000-square-foot showroom and gallery. Or at least, that's what Racing Magazine says he said. It would seem our invite got lost in the mail. “If you want a Panoz GTR-1 for the street, we will produce one for you. If you want a Panoz roadster, we'll make one for you. Each car will have an all-new carbon/aluminum chassis, new powertrain, all new custom interior – but we won't do full run production. Customers will get to choose enough on the car to make it uniquely theirs.

“To have a car with the Panoz racing heritage, with all the bodywork and substance that regulations will allow on the street, will be a very distinctive experience.”

In addition to the showroom, the Braselton property includes a 20,000-square-foot production facility complete with paint shop plus areas for welding, restoration, and after-market tuning.

Driving production (pun intended) is Don Panoz, managing partner of DeltaWing Racing Cars and founder of the American Le Mans Series. (Panoz also owns the Chateau Elan Winery and Resort, also in Braselton. What the heck do they make wine out of in Georgia? Pecans? Cotton?)

“It's a privilege to reintroduce the Panoz cars,” Panoz said at the event. “I think everyone will be surprised and interested when they come to see the museum, which we have dedicated to the history of Panoz cars. We look forward to working with those clients who want their personal vehicle – one that they actually build themselves – to be a Panoz.”

Panoz also opens their facility to event bookings, with all proceeds donated to local charities.

Now, where did I leave my letter to Santa?

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