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Protect your pickup-bed cargo from theft

A variety of locks is available to secure goods of different types

The same accessibility that make pickups so useful on the job site, presents an easy target for thieves. Master Lock, the world’s largest maker of padlocks and related security products, has come up with a variety of new products designed to thwart those who would help themselves to your stuff. All are available at Canadian Tire stores across the country.

1) INTEGRATED CABLE LOCK ($49.95, extra cables $24.99) – This locking system allows use of multiple cables connected to a single locking point. A multipoint, stainless steel lock body can be placed anywhere in the pickup bed, thanks to a magnetic back. The braided steel cable is looped through a tie-down point, the object to be secured and the cable lock.

2) LADDER LOCK ($39.99) – Ladders won’t fit in a pickup bed and are usually carried Truck bed Ladder Lock.jpgon a rack and secured with a cable and padlock. This new device affixes to any standard ladder rack, allowing you to secure a ladder or any other object carried on the rack. The semi-permanent device attaches to the frame of most ladder racks without drilling. Constructed of stainless steel,  it includes a cover to protect the integrated lock from the elements.

3) TRUCK BED U-LOCK ($39.99) – This device attaches to the pickup bed to secure virtually anythingU-Lock truck bed cargo lock.jpg carried in the cargo area when used with cables or chains. Designed to deter “grab and go” theft it can also be used to prevent items from shifting about in the bed. The locking body of the semi-permanent device fits in the stake hole pockets of most pickups with no drilling and swivels through 190 degrees. Made of hardened steel it comes with a cover to keep dirt and moisture out of the keyhole. 

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