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Ford recalls 442,000 vehicles for various issues

Edge, Escape, Fiesta, Fusion, F-Series and Lincoln MKZ all affected

Ford's compact Escape continued to be Canada's best-selling utility vehicle but it fell one place to fourth in the truck sales rankings.

Ford is recalling some 442,000 vehicles for a variety of issues, including under-hood fire risks, faulty door latches, driveshaft problems and an improperly welded windshield header.

The biggest recall affects 2014 Escapes, 2014-15 Fiesta STs, 2014-15 Fusions and 2013-15 Transit Connects, all equipped with the 1.6-litre GTDI 4-cyinder engine. In those vehicles, a lack of coolant circulation could cause the engine to overheat, which could lead to a cylinder head crack that could result in a pressurized oil leak.

If the oil leak onto hot engine surfaces, it could ignite start an engine compartment fire. Ford is aware of 29 fire incidents related to the issue, with no injuries reported.

The recall affects 230,756 vehicles, 21,854 of which are in Canada, 208,584 are in the US, and 318 in Mexico.

Affected customers will receive instruction in the mail about how to check and refill coolant, and are asked to attend a dealership if they have to frequently add coolant, see evidence of coolant leak or get warnings about engine overheating. When repair kits become available, dealership service personnel will install a coolant level sensor, with supporting hardware and software.

The Fusion (from model years 2013-14) and Fiesta (2014) are also affected in a previously announced recall concerning door latches (although Ford is not aware of any new incidents), as is the 2013-14 Lincoln MKZ. The recall concerns a pawl spring tab that could break and prevent the door from latching closed, meaning the door could open and potentially let somebody fall out, which could result in major injuries if the car is moving at the time.

The supplementary action adds 210,619 vehicles to the previous recall. Canadian cars account for 10,996 of the numbers, the US has 191,432, and Mexico accounts for 8,191. As with previous vehicles in the recall, these will have all four door-latches replaced.

Ford is also recalling 548 Heavy Duty F-450 and F-550 trucks (39 in Canada) to replace their driveshafts, which could cause excessive driveline vibration whose resonance frequency could fracture transmission or driveline components. Although Ford is not aware of any incidents, fractured driveline components could result in loss of control, if the vehicle is in motion, or unintended vehicle movement, if it’s parked.

Dealers will replace the vehicles’ current 2-piece driveshaft with a new 3-piece unit, and add two centre bearing brackets.

Finally, Ford is recalling 111 Edges from 2017 model year (26 in Canada and one in Mexico) for a safety compliance involving improperly welded windshield headers, which could lead to reduced lateral structural integrity and an increased risk of potential injury in a side impact. Ford is not aware of any incidents involving the Oakville-built crossovers that were built over two days in February 2017.

Car Safety


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