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Ford recalls C-Max, Focus and F-150

Just 18 C-Maxes and Focuses affected in one recall; 8,000 F-150s in another

Ford Focus 2012-15

Ford is recalling a handful of 2016 C-Max and Focus models to inspect and repair floors that may have ill-fitting joints, and potentially result in injuries in a frontal crash.

Just 18 vehicles are affected, and only one of them is in Canada, and they were all built at the Michigan Assembly Plant on Oct 26 and 27, 2016.

On affected cars, improper left-hand body apron joints on the floor pan may have reduced front-end structural integrity, which could lead to injury in the event of a front crash. However, Ford is not aware of any incidents or injuries resulting from the problem.

Ford mail out notices to owners of the affected cars, asking them to return them to dealerships where they will be inspected and repaired as needed.

On a more significant note, at least in relation to numbers, some 8,000 Ford F-150 pickups from 2017 are being recalled to reprogram their instrument clusters which may become unresponsive during a cold spell.

On certain vehicles, the transmission shift position indicator may not illuminate and therefore the gear position wouldn’t be visible to the driver, which may prove dangerous if the driver is not aware the vehicle is still in gear when attempting to exit. The unintended vehicle movement could result in injury.

It is also feared that the inoperative instrument cluster may prevent the activation of certain warning lights or messages, and even warning chimes, again preventing the driver from knowing if something is amiss.

Ford is not aware of any fires, accidents or injuries associated with this issue, which may affect 7,974 pickups (1,057 of which are in Canada and 125 in Mexico).

Vehicle owners will be asked to attend the nearest dealership, which will reprogram the instrument cluster.

Car Safety


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