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GMC Canyon adds child seat innovation

New mid-size pickup can now accommodate a child seat in the jump-seat area

GMC Canyon Child-Seat Extension

The rear jump seats in extended-cab mid-size pickup trucks have never been very accommodating for people, apart from children within a very limited range of age and height.

Some, if not most, won't even properly accommodate a typical child seat as the jump-seat's cushion is too short. Many child-seat manufacturers recommend that at least 80% of the seat base should sit on the vehicle's seat cushion.

GMC Canyon Child-Seat Extension.jpgGMC's new 2015 Canyon (and presumably its Chevrolet Colorado twin) addresses that dilemma with an innovative, patent-pending feature that helps satisfy the seat base recommendation of most child restraint manufacturers.

The jump-seat cushion on the passenger side of the extended-cab Canyon can be extended by removing the head rest for that seating position and inserting it horizontally into the seat base, thus extending the cushion.

"It’s an elegant solution that makes efficient use of the limited space in the rear seat in this type of vehicle, by allowing us to adapt the seat cushion length for child restraint installation," said Eduardo Bugelli, safety performance team lead on the pickup.

"The additional seat cushion length provides more support to the child restraint, which helps to reduce the rotation and the risk of injury in a crash," he explained.

The 2015 Canyon will start production in the fall 2014.

Car Safety


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