Car Safety

Nissan recalls Sentra over inadvertent side-bag deployment

Faulty sensors could make side impact airbags deploy when door slams

2012 Nissan Versa sedan

Nissan is recalling more than 54,000 cars to address the inadvertent deployment of side impact airbags.

The recall affects 2012 Sentras, in which the sensor pins may have degraded causing the airbag (both the ceiling mounted air curtain and the seat mounted side impact bags) to deploy when the door is slammed, which could cause an injury to the seat occupant due to the force of deployment.

An exact number of vehicles has not been put forward and there is no current information on how Nissan became aware of the problem, or if there are any reported injuries.

Versa has been recalled previously for air-curtain airbag problems but in that 2012 recall, the issue was that a degradation in the propellant may have prevented the air curtains from deploying properly, meaning they wouldn’t offer the intended protection in a side impact or rollover.

Notices will go out to owners of affected vehicles, asking them to attend the nearest dealership for replacement of the sensors and installation of a new jumper harness.

Car Safety


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