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Autofile.ca is your resource for all things automotive. We test-drive cars and trucks and travel the globe to auto shows and industry events in order to bring our readers the latest news and trends from the auto industry. Autofile.ca is dedicated to providing an accurate, reliable, unbiased source of information for consumers regarding all aspects of vehicle ownership. We want to be your trusted resource throughout the entire vehicle ownership experience. From buying or leasing a new or used vehicle to getting the best out of the one you have, from maintaining them to adding all those little extras that make owning a vehicle as rewarding and stress-free as possible; Autofile is your day-to-day resource.

We provide new and used vehicle reviews, advice to keep you and your family safe and sound in the car, information on saving you money and getting the most value from your vehicle. All from some of Canada's most experienced and trusted automotive journalists. The Autofile.ca team consists of both seasoned professionals and talented newcomers. Clare Dear, Gerry Malloy and Richard Russell are three of Canada’s most experienced and respected auto journalists, having written for such well-known publications as the Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and various automotive magazines and websites. They share many writing and photography awards among them and serve on several national and international automotive juries.