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Thank you for your interest in placing advertisements on the website and mobile website. is part of the Google Display Network and advertisers can place ads on the site by using the Google Ad Words system. Large advertisers and their advertising agencies can purchase ads through their Demand Side Platform and via the Doubleclick Advertising Exchange.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is made up of more than 2 million web sites and reaches more than 90% of the world's internet users. The network is designed to allow advertisers to reach the right audience and show your message to potential customers at the right place and the right time. If you want to reach in-market automotive consumers in Canada then using the Google Display Network to target is the right approach.

Managed Placements

In order to target your display ads to users of you can set up a Managed Placement using Ad Words for Display. In order to get started you must have an active campaign running on the Display Network in Ad Words. To target the web site follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Display Network Campaign you wish to target.
  • Go to the Display Network tab and click Targeting.
  • Select and Ad Group.
  • Click to "Add Targeting" drop down and select "Placements".
  • Type in
  • Click "Close" then "Save" to add the placement to your Ad Group.

Target the You Tube Channel

If you would like your display ad or video ad to target videos posted to the You Tube channel, or if you would like to target the You Tube videos embedded into the website, follow these simple steps:

    • Follow the instructions outlined above.
    • From the "Placements" tab in Ad Words select "You Tube Channels".
    • Enter and click "Save".

    White List the Domain for Programmatic Campaigns

    If you are a large advertiser working with a large agency or a Demand Side Platform, please intruct your campaign manager to ensure the domain is whitelisted and available for targeting by your programmatic campaign

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    If you would like to learn more about advertising on or to contact a commercial representative please send an email to <advertising at>.