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Allie Marsh, successful in business as an Event Manager, her passion for cars, off-road vehicles and motorcycles has grown her passion – and business - into automotive events. Not a writer by trade, but loves to dabble in short stories and articles for Autofile, when time permits.

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11 Cars Stars at The Peterson Museum "Hollywood" Gallery

Automobiles play a large part in all of our lives, on and off screen. Not only do they make us memories, they make film history by becoming some of the most notable props ever featured on film. By Allie Marsh


TIRE TEST: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T-A K02 – Part 2

The second of three installments to see if BFGoodrich’s All Terrain T-A K02 tires live up to their hype in on-road/off-road and all-weather conditions.


The Toronto Motorcycle Show

Whether you own or are looking for a motorcycle, want some new gear, or need some rider training, a day at the bike show is a day well spent.


What Makes the Toronto Auto Show Special

The Toronto auto show showcases not just the new but the old, the futuristic, the historic, the rare, the high-performance and the just plain fun.


The Weird and Wonderful at NAIAS 2018

While new-vehicle debuts get most of the attention, some of the most intriguing displays at the show fall into the categories of weird and wonderful.


Harley-Davidson vs Indian: The Beginning of a Rivalry

From bicycles to minis to racers, Harley-Davidson and Indian have long battled for top brand recognition in the American motorcycle industry. By Allie Marsh


70 Years of Ferrari at the Petersen Museum

The Petersen Museum pays tribute to Ferrari with a special exhibit of 10 of marque’s most important models, called “70 Years of Ferrari.”


TIRE TEST: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T-A K02 – Part 1

The first of three installments to see if BFGoodrich’s All Terrain T-A K02 tires live up to their hype in on-road/off-road and all-weather conditions. By Allie Marsh


2017 Mazda MX-5 RF vs Subaru BRZ? We pick a winner.

With plenty of summer sunshine left, we took a fun-filled look at these two affordable rear-wheel drive sports cars and picked our favourite.


Dodge’s Hemi-powered Challenger R/T: The pros and cons

Just how practical – or not – is the iconic 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T muscle car as an everyday driver? We took a deep-south road trip to find out.


Just how much do Subaru owners love their Subies?

The Toronto Subaru Club’s annual Hyper Meeting is a fundraising event in support of Ronald McDonalds Children’s Hospital in Toronto.


Off-Roading 101: Ten tips for venturing off the beaten path

What better way to learn the fundamentals of off-road driving than at the Land Rover Experience school in 26,000-hectares of Quebec forest.


Outback vs Alltrack: Which sport-wagon suits you best?

The Outback and Alltrack are two different interpretations of the sport wagon theme, designed to suit different types of buyers.


Hidden gems at the Canadian International Auto Show.

Although many of these gems are not really hidden, you will still need to seek them out. We promise it will be worth your while.


Non-Shopper's Guide to CIAS

The 2016 edition of the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto has something for everyone, whether you are looking for some colourful eye candy or for entertainment.

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