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Joe Duarte has spent his entire journalism career reporting on the auto industry in various newspapers, business and lifestyle magazines, auto websites and in different broadcast media. Shortly after starting his professional career in 1987 at a start-up Metroland weekly auto-dealer supported newspaper in Toronto, he was recruited as the new editor of World of Wheels magazine (at the time, Canada’s only year-round magazine for auto-enthusiasts). He holds the distinction of being the longest serving editor of the magazine, guiding it to three design and layout awards, as recognized by the Automobile Journalists’ Association of Canada (AJAC). At World of Wheels, he also helped to found the Canadian Auto World trade journal and an annual auto industry directory digest. He left World of Wheels to start up the short-lived Drive upscale lifestyle glossy magazine before heading Canadian Tire’s Auto Club magazine Autoroute. Between 2000 and 2013 he wrote and edited automotive content for Sun Media, where he served in several management roles. Joe is a classically trained journalist who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Waterloo and a Journalism degree from Durham College, and considers himself the voice of the sensible motorist, with his ability to spin a utility perspective on just about any vehicle available in today’s market.

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Toyota recalls 350,000 Siennas that could roll away

Grease in shift lever assembly could allow auto transmission lever to move out of Park without depressing the brake pedal, allowing minivan to roll away.


Polestar brand unveils its first car, the Polestar 1

Hybrid coupe features supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine driving the front wheels, and two 80-kW electric motors at the rear.


Duct tape solves Ford Mustang response problem

Engineers spent 100s of hours improving aerodynamic efficiency on 2018 Mustangs, with the goal of maintaining or improving on the current model by 5.6%.


Unique Mercedes G-Class reaches end of road

Full-sized SUV was designed for extreme off-road use, using portal axles that lower the wheels relative to the body to increase ground clearance.


Michigan reclassifies 3-wheeled vehicles

31 states have autocycle classifications, requiring they have three wheels; 27 of them require a steering wheel, 19 require seatbelts and 15 require pedals.


Better driver-training urged for autonomous car "drivers"

IAM RoadSmart/RAC Foundation/Pirelli ‘Driver Ahead?’ Conference urged data collected during autonomous driving be used to tweak future driver training.


Industry not acting on exploding sunroofs says CR

Consumer Reports says automakers are aware of many more incidents than are under investigation by NHTSA, but are not acknowledging there is a problem.


Chrysler makes 2018 Pacifica look sportier

Pacifica’s S Appearance Package takes style to the next level and offers customers yet another unique personality that further differentiates Pacifica.


Passport opens up the world of Porsche cars

Month-to-month service provides members flexible access on demand to Porsche models, exchanged when they choose and free of mileage restrictions.


UK partnership aims to release electric network data

OpenLV project wants to open up local electricity usage data to give network operators information about levels of capacity available to charge EVs.


GM shows off zero-emissions commercial platform

Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure (SURUS) fuel cell electric platform has autonomous capabilities so it can operate in hazardous conditions.


Happy Birthday, Breathalyzer

In 1954, Breathalyzer was created by Indiana police captain Robert Frank Borkenstein, who was instrumental in setting the drunk driving limit at 0.08.


Ford engages kids with STEAM experiment kit

In partnership with Academics in a Box, Ford created simple experimental kit that challenges students from Grade 3 upwards to think like Ford engineers.


20 one-hit wonders of auto history

In music, they’re bands that soared with one song and then faded away. Like them, these vehicles hit it big as one model or even as just one vehicle.


Lexus recalls HS 250h hybrid over short circuit worries

Issue may cause components to wear prematurely, which could lead to system short circuit, with drivers alerted via cluster warning lights and messages.


Over 120,000 vehicles recalled in Canada in September

Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Ram and Volkswagen all have models affected.


GM, Nissan map out their electric-power futures

New GM EVs will use battery-stored or hydrogen-fueled electricity, while Nissan’s bi-directional charging lets owners draw from the grid and sell back to it.


Nissan warns against NOT drinking while driving

2015 study found that drivers who had less than 25 ml of water per hour made errors equivalent to those of drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08%.


A Porsche 911 custom made for a Turbo Lover

Tipton has been the only owner of the Chiffon White 930-series 911, picking it up from the Zuffenhausen facility in 1985, when the band was on tour.


Honda to unveil sporty EV at Tokyo Motor Show

Compact 2-door coupe combines electric power with AI technology, and is spiritual twin of Urban EV Concept introduced earlier this month in Frankfurt.

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