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Like many things in his life, Kanishka found himself an auto journalist almost by accident. A young but established business owner working in commercial photography, he found himself tasked with creating an entirely new auto section for a national news portal in his mid-twenties. From there he went on to create and curate content for a variety Canadian, American and even British media outlets. Today, Kanishka works mostly in the digital space and is a self-proclaimed champion of social media. When not sitting at a computer, you can find him sitting in cars, on motorcycles, scooters, and even bicycles. Ever in pursuit of unusual adventures, he recently walked across the American border into Mexico.

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All the saucy details of Lexus’s red hot Sriracha IS

If you’re going to do something obviously tongue-in-cheek – like, say build a car themed around a bottle of hot sauce – you should go all the way.


Ford's global EcoSport crossover is coming to Canada

The upcoming EcoSport will be the first Indian-built Ford product to be sold in North America when it arrives as a 2018 model.


Worn winter tires can be safer than new all-seasons!

A premium winter tire that’s even 75% worn out can brake and corner better than a brand-new all-season tire in snow and on ice.


Ford to offer premium B&O Play sound system

The best kind of audio system in a car is one where you can’t hear the audio system but you’re listening to music – that’s what Ford is striving for.


BMW Films returns with Clive Owen and Dakota Fanning

The dark silver-grey 5 Series sedan plays its role well as the hero next to a slew of other vehicles, which (spoiler alert), go boom.


T-Rex expands its territory

Nothing about a T-Rex says, “I’m sensible,” including its $58,000 price tag. But sensible is boring. Sensible is where excitement goes to die.


2017 Honda Ridgeline is the truck you need, not want

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is a very promising and radically different new addition to the vast landscape of pickup trucks that are all the same.


DESIGN: Headlamps are today's automotive jewelry

Here are some shining examples of the bright ideas that have turned headlamps from mere functional features into integral design features.


AutoExotica in the spotlight at TO show

Despite occupying one of the smaller spaces at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, exotic vehicles often attract the most attention.


Ford re-synchs its SYNC 3 infotainment system

With SYNC 3 Ford opts for a design balance that’s skewed toward an engineer’s approach, with a specificity on end use rather than just appearance.


2016 Subaru Crosstrek plays dirty while keeping clean

The 2016 Crosstrek makes a strong argument for being the vehicle of choice of those who live – or aspire to live – active, eco-friendly lifestyles.


Winter tires tested – conclusively!

National tire retailer Kal Tire commissioned a series of independent tests to rate and review new passenger vehicle tires in winter conditions.

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