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The Toronto Motorcycle Show

<p>Welcome to the 2018 Toronto Motorcycle Show - with so much to see and do - you may just need the entire 3 days to see it all. Stunt shows, new releases, give aways, all your riding gear, kids riding academy's, rider training courses, insurance companies and don't forget the travel/touring companies on display - there is so much to see and do at the show. And I didn't even mention the new models. We'll take a look here.</p>
Whether you own or are looking for a motorcycle, want some new gear, or need some rider training, a day at the bike show is a day well spent.
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<p>Rarely seen on Canadian roads (and for good reason) are among some of the most incredible exotic cars you will ever see. The lower level of the Auto Show has housed Auto Exotica for many years now, and it never disappoints. Being able to get a close-up view of these exclusive cars is always a crowd-pleaser for car enthusiasts all over the world</p>
<p>Autostrada booth featured.</p>

What Makes the Toronto Auto Show Special

The Toronto auto show showcases not just the new but the old, the futuristic, the historic, the rare, the high-performance and the just plain fun.

<p>Everything in the car is controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) called The Companion (which sounds a little <em>Star Trek</em>, we admit). It is symbolized by a sculpture in the centre of the dashboard that is shaped like a large cut gemstone. This AI learns the driver&rsquo;s preferences and adapts the car&rsquo;s responses to them.</p>
Day by day, it seems cars are getting increasingly sophisticated with new technologies added every model year.
<p>The probability of acquiring a troublesome used car is low but it's not zero</p>

J.D. Power study reveals 10 least-reliable auto brands

J.D. Power ranks car brands annually in terms of dependability after three years of use, so these 2018 rankings are based on 2015 models.

<p>The Canadian International Auto Show&rsquo;s fourth annual Art and the Automobile exhibit, presented by Cobble Beach Concours d&rsquo;Elegance, features automotive jewelry as well as automotive jewels.</p>
<p>Words by Gerry Malloy / Photos by Jeremy Malloy</p>
Fourth annual Art and the Automobile exhibit, presented by Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, features automotive jewelry as well as automotive jewels.
<p>Toyota Camry Hybrid Grille</p>

Toyotas dominate 2018 Best Retained Value Awards

New models traditionally lose 20% of their worth in the first year of ownership and half of a vehicle’s value can evaporate after just three years.

<p>2018 Canadian Truck King Challenge</p>
Now in its 11th year, the Canadian Truck King Challenge compares contenders back-to-back in a real-world testing regime to determine which is best.
<p>2019 Ford Ranger</p>
FIRST LOOK: Ford resurrects the Ranger

Ford’s once-popular Ranger small pickup makes a comeback as a mid-size model

<p>BMW M5 &ndash; the ultimate stealthy sport sedan</p>
Meet the new BMW M5 – the ultimate stealthy sport sedan

The M5 carves twisty, undulating roads with surgical precision and exquisite ferocity

<p>Quick Take: All-electric 2018 Nissan Leaf</p>
Quick Take: All-electric 2018 Nissan Leaf

More power, more range and more conventional styling highlight the all-new Leaf