2014 Viper production curtailed

Daily output cut by a third as inventories mount

Published: October 4, 2013, 4:00 PM

2013 SRT Viper

The SRT Viper may be a poster car for adolescent dreams but it's proving less popular among those with the wherewithal to make those dreams come true.

So much so that Chrysler has reportedly cut back the very modest daily output of Vipers from nine to six, to "match output with seasonal demand."

The not-so-distant onset of winter is not the prime selling season for a 640-horsepower, 8.4-litre, V-10 powered, rear-wheel-drive supercar. (Check our FIRST DRIVE report.)

"Once the dedicated (Conner Avenue) plant reconfigures job assignments, impacted employees will be reassigned to area facilities," a spokesperson said.

According to one report, in spite of the fact that the new-for-2013 Vipers didn't start arriving at dealers until April, more than half of those already built remain unsold. Those now in production are designated as 2014 models.

Sounds like a buyer's market if a Viper's what you've always wanted.