8 cars on Millennials' lease wish lists

Millennials transferring between leases look at vehicles that match values

Published: August 5, 2019, 5:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 2:53 PM

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Many believe the automobile as a symbol of reverence and emotion may die with the Millennial generation but a poll of their tastes and desires in vehicles indicates their love for the automobile is not dead; it’s just different.

The customer advisors at, which bills itself as the world’s largest online lease marketplace, consult with vehicle lessees of all ages and found that many of the Millennials transferring between leases are looking for vehicles that fulfill different needs and convey different images than previous generations, offering their opinions on the following eight.

Mini Countryman

Millennials apparently realize the compact family of front-wheel drive cars are produced under the watchful eye of BMW, which is why they consider the Countryman sleek luxury that’s just the right size of their needs (which involves mostly city driving to pick up items for their homes, as well as weekend getaways with friends outside the city limits).

BMW i3

Of course, the only way you can perhaps improve on a compact crossover that has car-like luxury character is to go to a BMW itself, and one that addresses Millennial concerns when it comes to environmental impact of emissions and fuel usage.

Mercedes-Benz CLA or GLA

When it comes to luxury, some Millennials setting off on their careers look at the entry-level of the German marque, either in a 4-door coupe like the CLA or a utility like the GLA. Perhaps slightly outside their budgets, new buyers often ask parents to co-sign their leases, say Swapalease advisors.

Dodge Challenger

Contrary to what many believe, Millennials don’t mind muscle cars or pony cars, and the one most inquire about is Fiat Chrysler’s horsepower-rich coupe, presumably for its powerful stance nicely concealed under softly sculpted body panels.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

And in the same way luxury tastes vary between Mercedes-Benz coupe/sedan and utility, the same applies to below-luxury vehicles, with Millennials with a need for a sport-ute searching out the Grand Cherokee for its muscle and moulded exterior lines. To some, this is the muscle car of choice.

Jeep Wrangler

Others who don’t have as much need for interior room, prefer the minimalist presentation and sporty image of the Wrangler to the luxurious trappings and raw muscle of the Grand Cherokee. The off-roader will likely never set foot off pavement, but it’s an icon worth considering, apparently.

Chrysler Pacifica

The other misconception about Millennials is that they would never be caught driving a vehicle their parents or grandparents embraced, but that only goes so far as when children need to be shuttled about. Then the attraction and function of dual sliding doors come into play.