Acura to show new coupe in Detroit

Precision Concept points to new design direction for Acura sedans

Published: January 2, 2016, 11:30 AM
Updated: January 8, 2016, 3:32 PM

Acura Precision Concept - Acura Precision Concept

It has been 13 years since Acura had a coupe in its lineup, but things may be changing with the announcement that the company would be unveiling a concept “coupe” at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Now, before we forward to far, keep in mind that the world coupe has in recent years taken over the sedan world, with the explanation that “coupe” is a roofline designation, not a sum of the number of doors. Ever since Mercedes proved successful with its CLS 4-door coupe, other have been joining the movement and the media has drunk the Kool-Aid. I’m not entirely convinced that consumers care one way or the other.

But we digress. Acura is planning on introducing the Precision Coupe in Detroit, and has teased a silhouette, which is intended to not show much but does actually show quite a bit. The company adds in an accompanying release that the California-penned design will “set the direction for future Acura design, in particular the next generation of performance-luxury sedans.”

“The Acura Precision Concept will signal the stronger and sharper focus of Acura styling on our core DNA we call ‘precision crafted performance,’” said Dave Marek, Acura’s global creative director. “It is our intention to more strongly express performance through design and the Acura Precision Concept will serve as the inspiration for the styling and proportion of the next-generation of Acura vehicles, especially for our sedans.”

So, many have taken that to mean that the concept is meant to herald the next ILX compact sedan, which is due for replacement in the next year or two and since the Civic on which it’s based was recently introduced, it all adds up to a pretty good bet that this is the first look at that car.

Looking at the sketch, however, we don’t see door lines and it seems the windshield header is positioned almost exactly over the centrepoint of the wheelbase, which to our eyes seems a bit too far back for a 4-door bodystyle, despite the ever decreasing body panel tolerances and even if the company would go with smaller “access panel” doors opening up to the rear seat.

Put in a larger door as you find on coupes, though, and you would find what would seem like a nicely balanced profile, taking into account the long hood/short rear deck that have proven so successful to noteworthy 2-door designs of the past half century.

So to sum up, even though there is no denying the teaser would show a really sporty sedan befitting the Acura badge, it would also show a really nice coupe that would be a neat addition to Honda’s luxury stable.