Are women afraid to negotiate a car deal?

Women pay $1,353 more than men, on average, when buying a new car

Published: June 7, 2012, 1:00 AM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 3:47 PM

Woman buying car

Women are the primary decision makers for 75% of households when it comes to selecting the make, model and colour of a vehicle to purchase. But, when it's time to visit the dealership and talk numbers, 69% of women take a man with them to help with negotiations.

That's the finding of a recent nationwide survey evaluating Canadians' car buying behaviours.

The survey, conducted for the on-line car brokerage,, looked at what factors influence people's purchase decisions and how they have traditionally gone about purchasing their vehicle.

Women's aversion to negotiating comes at a price. According to Linda Babcock, economist and author of 'Women Don't Ask', women pay $1,353 more than men, on average, just in order to avoid negotiating the price of their car.

Most men liken negotiating to "winning a game" while women equate it to "going to the dentist," according to Unhaggle. Not surprisingly, the company cites these stats as a reason for using it services.

"Car buyers, including women, no longer have to be good negotiators in order to get the best deal," says Unhaggle co-founder Radek Garbowski. Unhaggle allows buyers to comparison shop the best prices anonymously by getting local dealers to compete online with their best offers on matching or similar inventory.

Car shoppers can also obtain free dealer invoice price reports, which show the dealer's wholesale cost for a vehicle and serves as a reference point for negotiations.

It's a fact that, if customers are not well educated about the car buying process, they may end up paying more than they should, or could.

Such customers might find the services of intermediaries like Unhaggle worth investigating. More information on Unhaggle is available at