Arteon the big draw at Geneva for Volkswagen

New sedan to slot in above Passat, showing off new face of Volkswagen

Published: November 28, 2016, 5:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:21 PM

Volkswagen Arteon

Scant days after promising to turn itself into a North American volume producer on the strength of new SUVs and large sedans, Volkswagen has unveiled as sketch of the replacement for its large CC 4-door coupe.

Called Arteon, the new sedan is due to be introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2017, two years after Volkswagen introduced its Sport Coupe Concept GTE. And if the sketch looks familiar, that’s because it’s a stylized version of the concept with a profile that is very similar to that of the current CC, and lead many to speculate this past spring that the Sport Coupe Concept GTE would become the new CC.

“At first sight, the Arteon arouses enthusiasm through its expressive design,” explains Tobias Sühlmann, the car’s exterior designer. “It then surprises through its practical virtues. This combination is unique.”

The concept car had a hybrid powertrain which is not expected to make it into production, with the current Passat 3.6-litre V-6 expected to be the engine of choice. As with the current CC, it’s a hatchback configuration, reportedly with a superior trunk to the current car.

All in all, although it was very dramatic of Volkswagen to introduce the sketches and put out a video of the designers sketching it out, the car has pretty much already been seen, and since Volkswagen has a good record of staying true to its concepts, we’re sure Arteon will look almost exactly like the Sport Coupe Concept GTE.

The sketches put the emphasis on the art of the new car, which happens to be the name’s syllable of emphasis. Volkswagen says the name is a composite of Art (meant to describe the harmonious lines and emotionality of the car) and Eon, which is Volkswagen speak for its premium models (like the Phideon does in the Chinese market).

Not much beyond speculation is available on the new car, which is due to hit dealerships in summer 2017.