Aston Martin goes virtual with Valkyrie personalization

Valkyrie buyers can view their creations in real time before leaving Gaydon

Published: January 27, 2019, 4:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 2:56 PM

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Not only is Aston Martin Valkyrie one of the world’s most extreme hypercars, but its level of personalization is also one of the extensive.

One of its most notable features in the personalization experience (via the Q by Aston Martin – Commission service) is the ability for a customer to spec out the new purchases and see how the car looks with different add-ons, from different perspectives, via virtual reality, before leaving the design studio.

One of the new availabilities is the AMR Track Performance Pack, which promises 8% quicker track-lap times through the use of track specific add-ons (including, among others, lightweight titanium brakes, track-focussed suspension, magnesium wheels and all exterior body panels) that can be interchanged with street-legal components.

The pack adds exclusive livery options, adding to the option to choose from one of four pre-set themes created by the car’s designers.

But those who want to spec out their car to absolute uniqueness can choose the Ultimate Personalization programme that allows them to work with the design team to modify the roof and engine cover with exposed carbon fibre, with cantrails to match.

The tailpipe and muffler can also lose their bright texture and be made inconspicuous in black, while the Aston Martin wing badges can be ordered in titanium. And there are also pre-defined packages such as the Gold Pack (24-carat gold livery), the Mokume Carbon Fibre (adding “carbon jewellery” touches to the headlights and sidepod vanes, as well as interior touches).

The personalization continues inside, with choices for the alcantara seat colour, pattern and finish, switchgear colours and seat harnesses in six colours. The Mokume Carbon Fibre pack adds jewelled carbon to the armrest, steering wheel and central vent.

With all the options, Aston Martin is offering customers the opportunity to view their creativity in real time through the industry-leading immersive virtual reality experience, allowing them to leave the studio in Gaydon satisfied with the look and balance of their new purchase.

“We are really pushing the boundaries to match the dreams of our customers. Every single element of this hypercar, including its performance, can be personalised,” said Aston Martin’s Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman. “The materials are very much about science, the art of creativity and the ability to create a unique solution that doesn’t detract from this exceptional car’s performance capability”.