Audi and Lexus tops in Total Quality study

North-American models score highest Total Quality Index in 11 segments

Published: May 20, 2013, 5:00 PM

2013 Audi S8 - front 3/4 view motion

Every year, the California research firm Strategic Vision establishes what it calls a Total Quality Index (TQI) for vehicles, based not just on things gone wrong but on how much customers like their vehicles.

For 2013, for the first time in more than a decade, the TQI study resulted in more North-American than import brands as segment winners, and some of them in highly- competitive segments.

"Don't misunderstand; imports like Hyundai are a force to be reckoned with and Toyota has regrouped," said Strategic Vision president, Alexander Edwards. "However, domestics are running in the tight race also, and it's now forcing all manufacturers to build the most superior, innovative and holistically quality vehicles possible to gain the hearts and minds of the customer."

Strategic Vision has been measuring quality since 1994, using a "Total Quality" concept that considers problems encountered but also includes multiple aspects of influence and perception that customers use as a base for their decisions.

The TQI study is said to look at over 442 variables that include customer emotions.

Volkswagen Group, including Audi, was the best overall corporation in Total Quality for the eighth consecutive year and Audi tied with Lexus for the best individual brand.

Ford was second, followed by a statistical tie for third between General Motors and Hyundai.

The Total Quality Index was calculated from 17,568 buyers who purchased 2013 models in the U.S from September to November 2012.

Following is a list of Strategic Vision's top-ranked vehicles for Total Quality in their segments, with their TQI score:

Small Car

Dodge Dart 884

Small Multi-Function

Kia Soul 868

Mid-Size Car

Ford Fusion 908

Chevrolet Volt 907

Mid-Size Multi-Function

Honda Accord Crosstour 877

Large Car

Volkswagen CC 920

Near-Luxury Car

Hyundai Genesis Sedan 922

Audi A4 Sedan 921

Luxury Car

Lexus LS 955

Specialty Coupe

MINI Cooper Hardtop 913

Premium Coupe

Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 931


Chrysler 200 Convertible 917

Premium Convertible/ Roadster

Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 959

Porsche Boxster 957


Chrysler Town & Country 850

Entry Utility

Volkswagen Tiguan 885

Toyota FJ Cruiser 883

Mid-Size Crossover Utility

Chevrolet Traverse 900

Mid-Size Traditional Utility

Dodge Durango 881

Large Utility

GMC Yukon 893

Near-Luxury Utility

Buick Enclave 928

Luxury Utility

Porsche Cayenne 948

Standard Pickup

Toyota Tacoma 847

Full-Size Pickup

Chevrolet Avalanche 896

Heavy-Duty Pickup

Ford F-250/350 892