Audi green lights real-world V2I technology

Las Vegas first city to offer traffic management info to vehicles

Published: December 6, 2016, 9:30 PM
Updated: December 9, 2016, 4:27 AM

Audi Traffic Light Information

Audi is the first manufacturer to take advantage of vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology in the United States, unveiling the technology in select vehicles in the Las Vegas area.

vehicle-to-infrastructure technology

The V2I application is available on select 2017 A4, Q7 and allroad models, using traffic light information available from the city of Las Vegas, regarded as one of the world smart-city leaders in connecting vehicles and its traffic control network.

“V2I applications and services like Traffic Light Information are essential components as we continue to move toward an autonomous future,” said Audi of America President Scott Keogh. “We applaud the innovative approach of Las Vegas in working with us on V2I as well as on our various piloted driving demonstrations over the past years.”

Audi’s Traffic Light Information (a feature in the Audi connect PRIME suite) enables a vehicle to communicate with the infrastructure in select metropolitan areas and receive real-time signal information via the onboard 4G LTE data connection. The feature will launch on the select models in the Las Vegas area before the end of 2016. Other cities are expected to follow suit on their V2I systems in the near future.

Audi Traffic Light Information head-up display

When approaching a connected traffic signal, the system displays the time remaining until the light changes to green (in the gauge cluster and head-up display, if the vehicle is so equipped). The “time to green” feature of Traffic Light Information is the first step in a vehicle management system that in the future is likely to integrate engine stop/start, optimal route navigation, and even driver coaching by suggesting speed reductions in order to hit a green light. The ultimate goal is to improve driving efficiency, reduce drive times and manage traffic.

“The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is proud to be the first in the nation to connect our traffic signal network to vehicles through our collaboration with Audi," said Tina Quigley, RTC General Manager. “This vehicle-to-infrastructure technology will help reduce congestion and enhance mobility on our already crowded roadways. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, Southern Nevada continues to lead the way in transportation technology creating smart cities and communities for our residents and visitors.”