Automakers dominate 'Best Global Green Brands'

Toyota ranks first with Ford, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen also in the top ten

Published: June 14, 2013, 8:00 AM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 4:04 PM

2012 Toyota Prius C - Detail 1

The top three brands and five of the top ten in Interbrand's annual ranking of the 50 global brands with the most environmental appeal are automakers.

For the third consecutive year, Toyota tops the 2013 Best Green Global Brands rankings, which combines Interbrand’s measure of the public’s environmental perception of 100 global brands and Deloitte’s analysis of those companies’ actual environmental performance.

Other automakers in the top ten include: Ford (#2), Honda (#3), Nissan (#5) and Volkswagen (#7).

While Toyota and Honda held the same positions as last year and Volkswagen dropped three spots, Ford improved its ranking by 13 positions and Nissan by 15.

Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands report goes beyond the simple question of "Do you think Brand X is green?" the organization explains. It assesses both actual environmental performance and consumer perception of the brand's green efforts.

A positive or negative gap between those scores represents an imbalance between perception and reality, which could mean either a risk to the brand or an under-utilized asset.

A positive gap number means the reality outpaces the perception, while a negative number indicates that the perception is greater than the reality.

The rankings of all the automakers in the top 50 of Interbrand;s 2013 Best Global Green Brands, with their gap scores in parentheses, are:

1. Toyota (-2.53)

2. Ford (-2.57)

3. Honda (-2.10)

5. Nissan (2.06)

7. Volkswagen (+2.96)

13. BMW (+5.42)

17. Mercedes-Benz (+8.13)

34. Hyundai (+7.32)

Interbrand is a global brand consultancy and management firm with 40 offices around the world.