BMW chief outlines 2012 product plans

Nine new or revamped models scheduled across the group's three brands this year

Published: May 16, 2012, 10:00 AM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 3:46 PM

2012 BMW M6 Coupe

At a meeting of the company's shareholders today, Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, outlined what what customers expect in terms of new product in 2012 and gave some glimpses into the future. The 2012 list includes:

  • New BMW 1 Series 3-door

  • New BMW 3 Series Touring

  • Revamped BMW X1 Series

  • Revamped BMW X6 Series

  • Revamped BMW 7 Series

  • New BMW M6 Coupé and Convertible

  • New MINI Roadster model (introduced in March)

  • New MINI Clubvan model

  • New Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II

In addition, the company is introducing a broad range of BMW M Performance models, which combine high performance with full everyday functional capability.

On the green front, from autumn this year, customers will be able to drive the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW's intelligent drive concept will be available for all full hybrids in the BMW 3 Series, the BMW 5 Series and, very soon, in the upgraded BMW 7 Series.

Reithofer also confirmed that BMW is intensifying its efforts to develop plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, including an agreement with Toyota for joint development of Lithium-ion battery technology.

He noted, however, that for alternative drive forms to really gain traction, it will not be sufficient to confine such vehicles to low-fuel consumption or emission-free options. "We need 'cool' cars," he said.

We need cars that impress customers with their design, their innovative technology and their digital connectivity – and cars that are also a compelling option for young people.

Reithofer assured both shareholders and customers that, "BMW ensures electric cars will provide sheer driving pleasure too! We move people. We trigger emotion – no matter what sort of drive is under the hood."