British supercar reportedly makes 2080 hp

Arash AF10 features supercharged gasoline V-8 and four electric motors

Published: March 4, 2016, 6:10 PM
Updated: April 29, 2018, 12:54 PM

Arash AF10

The Geneva Motor Show may well come to be known as the supercar show, with a number of companies (among them, Bugatti and China’s Techrules) debuting high performance coupes, including British company Arash Motors with its latest AF10.

Not only is the Newcastle-based company created by Arash Farboud not a stranger to building supercars (also listing 2002’s Farboud GT, 2003’s Farboud GTS, and the Arash AF8 of 2014 among its designs), it is also not a stranger to staging the AF10 (a previous version was shown in 2009, with a Corvette 550-hp 7.0-litre V-8).

Arash AF10 rear

The latest AF10 features a hybrid powertrain the company promotionals call “warp drive” (because they key in on the “spaceship” theme in describing the car), with four electric motors (two on the front axle and one at each rear wheel) and a mid-mounted supercharged 6.2-litre V-8. The company pegs power output at 2,080 hp, which is the stuff of dreams considering it is a sum of power outputs from the various sources (900 hp from the engine and 295 from each of the motors) and things don’t quite work like that in the real world.

Although the owner thinks that figure is achievable by the time the car goes into production (right now the powertrain isn’t fitted in the car yet), we think net power would likely be closer to 1600 hp, which is still not at all unimpressive (the new Bugatti Chiron makes 1,479). It’s put to the road via an Audi R8 6-speed transmission — either a manual or a sequential shift automatic with paddle shifters — though we aren’t sure if that means a standard and optional choice, or if the company hasn’t yet struck a deal for the component.

Arash pegs zero to 100 km/h times in the 3-second range (and capable of a top speed of 322 km/h), aided in part by the lightweight construction (carbonfibre body and tub, magnesium wheels, aluminum engine, etc.). The frame is steel, though that might change if the car makes it to production, and it features a fixed rear wing but an adjustable front one.

Price is imagined at £1.1 million (just under $2.1 million Canadian). The V-8 AF10 (with the 550 hp V-8 and 6 speed manual) costs £350,000 (just over $660,000).