Buick debuts Riviera concept in Shanghai

Futuristic coupe boasts plug-in hybrid power and a preview of future design language

Published: April 20, 2013, 2:00 AM

Buick Riviera Concept

The new Buick Riviera concept vehicle made its world debut tonight in Shanghai, in advance of its appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show starting April 20. It marks the fourth concept collaboration between GM's Shanghai GM and Pan Asian Technical Automotive Center joint ventures in Shanghai.

"The new Riviera offers a preview of Buick’s future design language," said Shanghai GM President Ye Yongming. "By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, flexible functions and contemporary aesthetics, the new Riviera heralds the start of a new chapter for the 110-year-old Buick brand.”

Buick says designers took their cues from the Chinese saying, "The greatest good is like water," which inspired a sweeping design meant to evoke the "vibrant nature of a moving river."

Ed Welburn, GM vice-president of global design, said the concept was a design study of the future expression of Buick design, and a "great opportunity to share Buick's future design language and technology strategy."

The new Riviera is equipped with GM's all-new dual-mode W-PHEV (wireless plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) propulsion system, which allows the driver to operate the car on green power in electric mode or in electric hybrid mode. It can be charged traditionally or wireless via a sensory recharge panel on the car's chassis.

An innovative mobile Internet system support high-speed 4G LTE network use, offering real-time traffic information, weather updates, news and entertainment, all while communicating with other vehicles. Voice commands and controls, along with touch and gesture recognition, activate a range of vehicle systems.

An intelligent driver assist system incorporates a variety of functions including an eagle-view record system, night-view assist, side blind-zone alert, lane departure warning, full-speed range-adaptive cruise, lane change assist, parking assist, rear cross-traffic alert system, autopilot system and "transparent" A-pillars.

The Shanghai Auto Show runs April 20 to 29.