Canadian auto sales just keep on climbing

Ford tops June sales charts but Chrysler holds the lead for the first half-year

Published: July 3, 2014, 9:00 PM

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New-vehicle sales in Canada kept on climbing through June, with total deliveries of 175,428 units up 2.2% over the same month last year.

For the first time in recent memory, it was passenger cars that drove the increase, with sales up by 3.4%, while light truck sales were up just 1.3%. Year-to-date, trucks command 57.7% of the market, to cars' 42.3%.

Total sales through the first half-year are up by 2.8% (+6.6% for cars; -2.0% for cars), setting the stage for a second consecutive record year.

Ford (+7.5%) again topped the sales charts for the month but Chrysler (+2.7%) continues to hold the year-to-date lead at the half-way point, based on the big margin it built during the first quarter.

After a sales surge in May, General Motors' sales fell by 15% in June – its worst performance since January – driving year-to-date results back into negative territory (-2.3%).

Whether or not that decline is a result of the company's recall woes remains to be seen (GM's June sales were up in the U.S.) but a group of Toronto dealers is already suing the company over alleged sales losses because of the recalls.

Further down the charts, Toyota (+0.9%) maintained a solid lock on fourth place, followed by Honda (+9.8%), Hyundai (-6.1%), Nissan (+28.9%) and Kia (-5.2%).

Nissan was the biggest gainer among mainstream brands in June, as it is for the year-to-date (+28.5%). Apart from GM, Mitsubishi (-11.5%) was the biggest loser of that group, as it is for the first half (-5.0%).

Among luxury brands, Porsche (+66.5%) made the biggest advance in June, while Land Rover holds that honour year-to-date.

In the tussle for the annual luxury brand sales crown, Mercedes-Benz (+9.0%) holds a healthy lead over BMW (-0.2%) at the half-way point, followed by Acura (-2.2%), Lexus (+16.6%) and Infiniti (+17.2%).