Canadian auto sales set all-time record in May!

Chrysler regains top sales spot, followed by Ford and General Motors

Published: June 3, 2015, 12:20 PM
Updated: November 23, 2021, 11:58 AM


May, 2015 was the best month ever for new-vehicle sales in Canada. Best... Month... Ever!

Sales of 197,937 new cars and trucks were up just 1.1% from last May but that was enough to reset the record. It was also the fifth consecutive monthly record and the 14th month in a row with year-over-year sales increases.

The market is hot and it's on pace for another record year. Year-to-date sales through May are up 3.0% from the same period last year, which was the best year ever with total sales of 1.85 million.

The Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) for May was1.88 million, according to industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers. That figure is key for it needs to stay around that level if 2015 is to become the third record year in a row.

The challenge in outpacing 2014 becomes tougher going forward, however, for it was the second half of last year, not the first, that drove it to a record sales level.

Chrysler regains sales leadership

While Chrysler (sorry, it's called FCA Canada now) has been the top-selling automaker for most of this year, General Motors surged into the top spot last month. But FCA regained the honour in May with 31,617 sales, up 0.4% from the same month in 2014,

Throughout the year it has maintained first-place status in year-to-date sales, which are now up 1.1% from last year.

Ford was the second-best selling automaker in May, in spite of a sales drop of 8.5% from last year, with GM ( 3.8%) in third place. Year-to date rankings parallel those for the month.

Toyota (-1.9%), Honda (-4.0%), Hyundai (-3.5%), Nissan ( 21.8%), Volkswagen ( 14.0%), Kia (-7.0%) and Mazda (-15.1%) completed the top ten for the month. Year-to-date sales follow the same order of ranking.

Trucks and luxury brands lead the way

Truck/SUV sales ( 2.8%) again outpaced those of passenger cars (-1.1%), accounting for 57.8% of all vehicle sales in May and 59.8 % year to date.

Sales of luxury brands also outpaced the rest of the market, most by a significant margin. Porsche ( 31.1%) and Mercedes-Benz ( 28.4%) led the way, followed by Audi ( 26.2%), Land Rover ( 24.0%), Infiniti ( 22.3%), BMW ( 20.3%) and Lexus ( 13.2%).

The Ford F-series continued as the best-selling truck and the best-selling vehicle overall in May, and the Honda Civic was the best-selling passenger car.