Canadian company to market electric pickup

Havelaar Canada unveiled Bison E-Pickup concept at EMC show in Markham

Published: May 31, 2017, 10:30 PM
Updated: June 6, 2017, 1:44 AM

Havelaar Bison E-Pickup

Havelaar Bison badge

A Canadian start-up is jumping into the electric vehicle market with the announcement of a 4-wheel drive pickup it claims will rival today’s compact pickups.

Havelaar Canada, a division of the multinational corporation that also has operations in The Netherlands and China, unveiled its Bison E-Pickup concept at the recent EMC show in Markham, Ontario.

Built on a carbon-fibre reinforced steel space frame, the Bison extended-cab pickup uses two electric motors for its all-wheel drivetrain that offers traditional pickup off-road capabilities, including a 54% hill start and a 21% grade climb with a full load.

Havelaar Bison E-Pickup chassis

Naturally, it’s all controlled by wire using the latest electronic technology, which also adds today’s driving aids and interior amenities, such as full connectivity, full digital instrumentation and a touchscreen control centre, among others.

Not much has been released in terms of specs, with the exception of the company release promising 46 cubic feet of exterior cargo space and 18 cubic feet of lockable storage. We take that to mean a cabin/bed combination roughly the same size as that of a Nissan Frontier King Cab.

The company said the Bison E-Pickup, which is reportedly capable of a 300-km driving range on a full charge and would rival the recently announced Tesla pickup and Workhorse W-15, would be built in Ontario but no venues, production timeline or prices have been announced.