Canadian invention mops up coffee spills

Cup Logic fits in a vehicle cupholder and its pad absorbs spills instantly

Published: July 27, 2019, 6:30 PM
Updated: October 11, 2021, 10:27 AM

Cup Logic

Anyone who has transported drinks in their vehicle knows all to well those coffee cup rings that are left behind in the bottom of the cupholders, and often the little sticky splotches around the top. Coffee cup spills are inevitable, no matter how careful you are, but they could be a thing of the past thanks to a Canadian inventor and entrepreneur.

Cup Logic is the brainchild of Waubaushene, Ont.-resident Dwayne Adams, and it’s basically a sleeve that fits over your drink to keep it snug in your cupholder, but it goes far beyond the carboard sleeves offered by your favourite coffee shop.

“I never envisioned myself as a creator or inventor of anything, but when two of my favorite things, cars and coffee, started causing me more stress than enjoyment I became both,” says Adams on his Kickstarted campaign that’s trying to raise $17,258 (all figures Canadian). “I'm just a regular guy who came up with this amazing solution for people like me. People who love a good cup of coffee on their commute but can't stand the mess and distraction.”

Most people dealing with the same problem end up layering napkins in the cupholder, which sometimes don’t allow your cup to sit straight, work fine the first time but then end up soaking through and either becoming stuck to the cupholder, if they aren’t thrown out after every use, or mouldy and smelly if they’re allowed to sit.

Adams’s innovative solution was fabric sleeve, moulded over and into a flexible polyurethane base, and housing an absorbent bamboo pad. It fits in a vehicle cupholder and anything that spills out of the cup it is holding, gets sucked up by the pad within an instant. Cup Logic also works well at absorbing the condensation from cold-drink cups, so you’re not dealing with drips on your chest and wet hands, and it features an anti-microbial agent to keep it fresh and odourless. Plus, it can be washed and reused as needed.

Cup Logic simply slips it into your cupholder and then each cup is simply slipped into it as it would in the standard unprotected cupholder. It’s that simple. You can even choose the stitching colour to match or blend into your vehicle interior.

Cup Logic comes in two styles, with two variants of each — a 152x152-mm square (designed for cupholders surrounded by square trim and set about 40 mm apart), a 152-inch diameter circle (for cupholders with round or oval trim and also set about 40 mm apart). The variants are meant for cupholders that are snuggled up tight to each other, and basically features a divot that curves in about 13 mm, creating a narrower lip on the sleeve, keeping it from intruding on the other cupholder. The cup hole in each is 80 mm.

Adams says he chose a soft material because it easily moulds to the shape of the cupholder and primarily for safety — so it didn’t scratch the OEM material of the cupholder, and so it wouldn’t do damage if it came loose in a crash and flung about the cabin. He went through various designs, seven to be exact (ribbed interior, collapsible bases, secured tops, etc.) before landing on the easy to install soft fabric model (it doesn’t come much easier than plug and play).

Research pointed to bamboo fiber as the filler of choice (sheathed in polyester for durability) because it ticked off all the absorbency boxes — it’s sustainable, super absorbent (40% more so than cotton) and naturally anti-bacterial (though Cup Logic is still treated with anti-microbial agent) so it doesn’t smell.

Adams is hoping to have funding in place by the middle of August in order to begin production after Labour Day and start shipping in November. As of July 27, 2019, the Cup Logic Kickstarter campaign had pledged about 11% of the desired $17,258 goal.