Car Hammock makes easy work of resting in a cabin

Setting up in 5 minutes, it provides a comfortable place to stretch out

Published: June 17, 2018, 1:30 PM
Updated: October 11, 2021, 10:22 AM

Car Hammock

You know that time you went camping and it rained so hard for so long that your tent soaked through and your sleeping bag and pillow got sopping wet and you ended up sleeping restlessly in the car for about 35 minutes over a couple hours?

That’s what made you decide camping wasn’t for you. But, the problem wasn’t the camping; it was the fact that there is no place to stretch out comfortably in your car, even if it’s a full-size SUV, and it gets worse if there are other things in the cabin you want to keep dry.

So, what would you pay for the ability to stretch out in your mid-size sedan AND still keep your perishables dry?

With the Car Hammock, it can be as little as $100 Canadian.

The Car Hammock is just what it sounds like — a piece of fabric slung between two or more points, with the purpose of supporting a person or persons for resting. The “car” part, naturally, means it sets up in your vehicle’s cabin.

It’s designed to set up between the four corners of the cabin at about headrest level (dropping down to window line by the time somebody climbs into it), which means you have to recline the front seats back. It fastens outside the vehicle, over the windshield and rear window, with straps to the hood and trunk lid to keep it from moving around. A roof strap supports the middle of the hammock to prevent it from sagging too much.

Although it’s not quick to set up (the company advertises 5 minutes), it does provide room to stretch out in a climate-controlled environment, much more comfortably than trying to stretch out in fully reclined front seat. And when it’s served its purpose, it folds up in a bag much smaller than that of a rolled-up sleeping-bag.

If you think you’ve seen this product before, you have. It went on sale last year and quickly sold out, with the owners reportedly not able to fill order on a waiting list when Car Hammock suppliers couldn’t meet delivery and price-point expectations.

Now the company is back with a Kickstarter campaign, new price structure and a new larger version designed specifically for larger wagons, such as minivans or SUVs (for an extra $25 Canadian). About the only size Car Hammock can’t fit properly is compact car.

More information can be found at the Car Hammock website.