Control home functions from your Volkswagen

Company to offer SmartHome technology through infotainment touchscreen

Published: September 2, 2017, 4:40 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:08 PM

Volkswagen e-Golf SmartHome display

You know those great apps that allow you to have control over some of your vehicle’s functions without leaving the comfort of your living room? Volkswagen thinks it should be able to work the other way around, too, and is demonstrating the technology that allows drivers to control certain home functions through the vehicle’s multifunction touchscreen.

The automaker teamed with Deutsche Telekom to take advantage of the recent advancement with SmartHome systems (which allow control over certain home functions via a mobile device), and showed off a demonstration unit at this week’s IFA 2017 International consumer electronics show in Berlin. The company hopes to have the system functional on some of its fleet for the coming model year.

The system requires several bits of technology to function. The SmartHome is linked through Magenta SmartHome on an Android device. MirrorLink technology allows it to then be called up on the vehicle’s touchscreen, provided the vehicle’s infotainment is loaded with Volkswagen Car Net App Connect, which just about every model of Volkswagen has had since 2015.

Demonstrated in an e-Golf, the SmartHome system allows users to activate and deactivate a security system, turn exterior lights on and off, and also turn on the home heating/air-conditioning (for those who turn it down to save energy when nobody is in the house during the day, when they are at work).

Some SmartHome systems, such as Samsung’s and LG’s, even allow control over compatible appliances via the mobile app, and it is expected that as more companies tap into the SmartHome technology, things such as closing and opening window coverings, turning on ovens, and even vacuuming the carpets will be able to be controlled via a smartphone.

The Volkswagen/Deutsche Telekom system was shown in concept form at CeBIT 2017 this past March in Hannover, Germany. The demonstration was so well received that the company has pushed forth to take the system live in Volkswagen cars starting this month.