Daimler sets up classic car-sharing project

Legends Club members check availability of classic cars via a mobile app

Published: December 30, 2015, 4:30 PM
Updated: November 23, 2021, 2:42 PM

Classic car driving

Daimler has taken car-sharing down an exciting new road with the creation of a Legends car club, allowing enthusiasts to experience driving classic cars without the financial burden of owning a classic car.

“With the Legends Club, we want to bring together a community of enthusiasts who enjoy driving classic cars,” says Patrick Planing, Project Manager at Daimler Business Innovation, which developed the idea of the Legends Club. “Those are for example people, who live in urban areas and do not have the space to keep a classic car or those who, rather than opting for one particular model, wish to try out several classic cars.”

Currently in a pilot phase, the club works similar to urban car-sharing programs such as Car2Go, in that club members can reserve cars for a certain amount of time via a mobile app. The club is run by owners of several classic cars, who have years of experience with classic cars as well as the means to care for and maintain the vehicles used by the members.

“During the course of the pilot project, we will also be trying to establish whether incorporating privately owned vehicles into the fleet is a possible option,” says Planing.

In the Legends Club, members have access not just to Mercedes-Benz classics, but also classic cars from other marques such as Porsche 911s and Ford Mustangs. The club currently operates out of Sindelfingen-Maichingen (since October 2015) with a fleet of 34 cars as well as a “clubhouse” complete with lounge and bar, and providing a venue from which to run events such as rallies, social events, or even educational seminars.

There is a variety of pricing options for membership, which the club intends to fine-tune over the course of the pilot project, explains Planing, in order to find out what works and what doesn’t.

The ultimate goal, though, is to set up a worldwide community where members can indulge their passions outside their home towns and local clubs, booking them through the “Legends App.” The app allows members to view vehicle availability and reserve a car accordingly.

“Our vision is to establish the Legends Club at international locations so that members can use the classic cars everywhere,” enthuses Planing. “Just imagine a worldwide community that has access to a fleet of modern classics and vintage cars across all locations, which can be booked with a few clicks based on the car-sharing principle.”