Desire for 1-off personal car leads to Jannarelly Design-1

New roadster created by Anthony Jannerelly desiring unique car for himself

Published: July 20, 2019, 5:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 2:52 PM

Jannarelly Design-1

Unable to find the perfect car, Anthony Jannarelly decided to create it, and now his Design-1 is slated to make its public debut at Salon Privé, the Concours at England’s Blenheim Palace that is today often mentioned in the same breath as Pebble Beach, Villa d’Este and Amelia Island.

The Jannarelly Design-1 is a retro-styled 2-seat roadster powered by a Nissan 325-hp 3.5-litre naturally aspirated V-6 mounted between the seats and rear drive wheels. Power is distributed by a 6-speed manual. Zero to 100 km/h reportedly takes about four seconds.

The fiberglass (or optional carbon-fibre) bodywork (over a steel/aluminum tubular structure) is designed by Jannarelly, who counts the UAE-produced Lykan Hypersport (distributed by W Motors) among his previous designs, as well as its successor, the Fenyr Supersport, and the Zarooq Sand Racer desert racer.

“I was often asked if I drove a Lykan and the more I said no, the more I wondered what kind of car I would like to drive on a daily basis,” said Jannarelly. “I started sketching some ideas during a flight and then met my now partner, Frederic Juillot, who made boats and composite parts and is also based in Dubai.”

Initially, Jannarelly planned on just making the one car for his own personal use, but as the two began to share their aspirations on social media, the level of interest made them rethink the production of the roadster. Limited to 499 units (500, if you count his own car), the Design-1 is reminiscent of the racing barchettas from the 1960s, and reportedly endowed with the same sports-car poise and balance, thanks to a low wide stance.

Options include a hardtop, canopy cover and a low windshield. Both the exterior and interior can be customized to suit the buyer. Depending on the different configurations, the Design-1 can weigh from 760 to 810 kg.