Ford expands Fiesta, Fusion, Lincoln MKZ recall

156,000 more cars added to door latch recall, bringing total to nearly 550,000

Published: May 3, 2015, 7:00 AM
Updated: November 23, 2021, 11:58 AM

2011 Ford Fiesta

Ford is adding another 156,000 cars to a safety recall regarding door latches in some of its popular compact and mid-sized cars.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requested that Ford add more Ford Fiestas and Fusions, and Lincoln MKZs to the recall meant to address a problem with a spring that prevents a door from latching properly. Usually it results in the door bouncing back to strike the person trying to close it, but it could also result in the door opening while the car is in motion and potentially result in injury to vehicle occupants or passers-by, or damage to the car or others close by.

Ford is aware of two incidents where the door bounced back and hurt the person trying to close it, and one low speed incident where a door swung open during a parking manoeuvre and struck an adjacent vehicle.

The latest action adds 2011 Fiestas built in Mexico and 2013 MKZs and Fusions built at the plant in Flat Rock, Michigan to the recall initiated in April 2015, bringing the total number of affected vehicles to nearly 546,000 (2011-14 Fiestas, and 2013-14 Fusions and Lincoln MKZs), 50,681 of which are in Canada.

Owners will be asked to take their vehicles to Ford dealers, which will replace all four door latches.

Ford also has three other door latch recalls in effect, addressing more than 1.1 million models such as the Ford Explorer and Taurus, including Police models of those vehicles, Ford Escape and Lincoln MKS.