Ford gives Mustang GT and F-150 a boost

Ford teams with Roush Performance to offer 5.0-litre engine supercharger

Published: November 2, 2017, 12:35 AM
Updated: November 5, 2017, 5:50 PM

2018 Ford 5-litre Supercharger

2018 Ford 5-litre Supercharger badge

No matter how many ponies you’re packing under the hood, there’s always room for a few more — that’s the reasoning behind the Ford announcement of a 700-hp supercharging kit for the 5.0-litre Mustang GT and F-150 pickup.

The company teamed up with Roush Performance in creating the state-of-the-art supercharger for 2018 versions of the Mustang GT and F-150. On the Mustang, it peaks at 700 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque; on the F-150, it helps generate 640 hp and 600 lb-ft.

2018 Ford Mustang GT

“Ford and Roush have teamed up on performance for years on and off the track,” said Doug White, Global Ford Performance Parts Manager. “This new supercharger is another great example of our innovation in performance, greatly improving horsepower and torque so people can enjoy two of our most iconic vehicles even more.”

The kit (complete with installation hardware and exclusive performance calibration) is specially designed to work with the 5.0-litre V-8’s new port and direct injection system, offering 12 psi of boost when the engine is fed 93 octane gasoline. And when it’s installed by a Ford dealer, it’s covered under a limited warranty and does not void vehicle warranties.

2018 F-150 Lariat

“Our teams collaborated to create the most highly engineered, tested and performing supercharger kit on the market,” said Jack Roush, chairman of Roush Performance. “The combination of the 2018 5.0-litre engine and our all-new, fully integrated 2650 supercharger system yields simply incredible, no-compromise performance.”

The Ford Performance supercharger kit will be available through Ford dealers early in 2018, as well as through Ford Performance Warehouse Distributors and Roush Performance dealers.