Ford reaches out to younger Mustang buyers

Fisher-Price fashions Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang from Ford designs

Published: November 23, 2016, 5:00 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:21 PM

Ford Mustangs

Ford is attempting to reach a new generation of buyers for its Mustang, with the introduction of the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang.

Ford says the officially-licensed battery-operated, ride-in toy features the original pony-car look to appeal to budding performance enthusiasts, while those enthusiasts’ parents will appreciate the comprehensive suite of safety features.

“Mustang is one of our best-selling sports cars,” says Gary Collins, senior manager of design, Power Wheels. “For the Smart Drive Mustang, we wanted to amp up the realistic driving experience to make the feeling of getting behind the wheel even more thrilling for kids.”

Fisher-Price developed the Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang, which will be available in blue or pink, from actual Ford designs to create a high-tech scaled-down version of the Mustang GT the new owners’ parents may have sitting in the driveway.

Smart Drive is the first computer controlled powertrain for a Power Wheels, which adds such driving aids as traction control (the computer monitors wheel slip, especially evident on wet grass or bumpy surfaces, and retards the speed of the electric motor until grip is restored) and stability control (a tilt sensor detects when tip over angles are reached and cuts power to the motor).

Another feature ramps up speed and also slows down more realistically, instead of the usual electric motor on/off switch-like performance.

A digital speed limiter allows parents to control top speed between 1 mph and 5 mph (1.6-8.0 km/h), as well as monitor battery charge level

And because cars and music go so well together, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang features a sound system that not only plays music from mobile devices through the largest speaker ever installed in a Fisher-Price product, but also plays realistic V-8 engine sounds that rise and fall in accordance with vehicle speed.

Unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the car will be in stores in time for Christmas, with an MSRP of $359.99 US.