Ford recalling 320,000 Edges, Expeditions, Transits and Navigators

Driveshaft couplings, seatbelt pretensioners and toe links among concerns

Published: October 29, 2019, 10:30 PM
Updated: November 1, 2019, 10:38 PM

2015 Ford Transit

Ford is recalling about 320,000 vehicles to address problems with driveshafts, seatbelt anchors and rear suspensions in Ford Transit vans, Ford Edge crossovers, and Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator SUVs, respectively.

2015 Ford Transit

The largest of the recalls involves 319,262 Transit vans from 2015-17, over a driveshaft flexible coupling that may crack as the odometer rises. The failure will initially manifest itself as driveline noise and vibration, but continued use may cause it to separate from the driveshaft, which would mean a loss in motive power while driving or unintended movement when it is parked. It could also mean damage to other nearby components, such as brake and fuel lines.

Ford is not aware of any incident related to the issue, but is asking owners of the 293,558 vehicles in the US and federalized territories, 22,960 in Canada and 2,744 in Mexico, to attend the nearest dealership, where a temporary fix involves replacing the driveshaft flexible couplings with a similar new part (the issue seems to become prominent at around 64,400 km). The permanent fix will consist of replacing the driveshaft flexible coupling with driveshaft front sections with mechanical U-joints, but dealers need to stock up on parts.

2019 Ford Edge

Ford is also recalling a total of 421 Ford Edge crossovers from 2019 for a seat belt anchor that may come loose.

The issue is an improperly crimped seat belt pretensioner anchor, which may not properly restrain the seat occupant in a crash. Ford is not aware of any incidents related to the issue but is prepared to replace the faulty pre-tensioner assembly if it falls within the date range of when the vehicles were assembled.

The recall affects 366 Edges in the US and 65 in Canada.

Lincoln Navigator

The company is also recalling 2019 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator large SUVs over a suspension rear toe link fastener that may not be torqued to specifications. The issue could allow the toe link to come loose from the vehicle frame, which would result in a loss of structural integrity at the rear of the vehicle, potentially leading to a crash (although Ford is not aware of any incidents).

Only 18 vehicles (all in the US) are affected, and dealers will ensure that the rear toe-link-to-frame fasteners are tightened to the correct torque, adjust the rear toe alignment and replace the rear tires if they show abnormal wear.