Ford recalls F-Series trucks for various issues

F-150, Raptor and Super Duty pickups, and F-650 and F-750 trucks affected

Published: September 27, 2017, 9:00 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:07 PM

2017 Ford F-150

Ford is recalling hundreds of F-Series trucks, from the lightweight F-150 to the medium duty F-750, for a variety of issues.

At the bottom end of the weight-scale, the 2017 F-150 and Super Duty pickups are the subject of safety compliance affecting 624 trucks. The vehicles nave an insufficient weld in the front passenger seatbelt buckle attachment bracket to the manual adjustment seat track. The result is that there may be improper restraint in the event of a crash, though Ford is not aware of any incidents or injuries.

Of the 624 affected vehicles, 504 are in the US, 63 in Mexico and 57 in Canada. Dealers will replace the manual front passenger manual seat track.

Another F-150, the 2018 Raptor SuperCab, is being recalled due to missing roof structure rivets (on non- sunroof models) where the structural braces attach to the roof-rail structure. The result is reduced structural integrity, which increases the risk of injury in a rollover crash.

Ford is not aware of any incidents or injuries associated with the issue, but is asking the 42 owners (39 in the US and 3 in Canada) to return their pickups to Ford dealers, who will install the missing rivets in the roof braces.

Another safety recall involves 77 medium duty F-650 and F-750 from 2015 that contain grooved nuts and cotter pins at the tie-rod ends that may have been torqued below spec, a condition that could lead to the tie rod’s coming loose from the steer axle and disconnect from the steering system. If that happens, the driver would lose control of the vehicle, particularly the ability to steer the left side of the vehicle at low speeds.

Although Ford is not aware of any incidents linked to the issue, it is asking owners to return their vehicles to dealerships for inspection and retorquing of the castellated nuts and replacement of the cotter pins on the front axle.