Ford recalls over 103,000 vehicles over various issues

Ford F-150s from various model years, and Ford Trasits from 2015-17 affected

Published: October 26, 2017, 10:20 PM
Updated: November 1, 2017, 6:24 AM

2017 Ford F-150

2015 Ford Transit

Ford is recalling about 103,500 vehicles to address various issues, including wire corrosion, faulty transmissions and engine failure.

Over 73,000 Transit vans from model years 2015 through 2017 are being recalled over possible water intrusion into the trailer-tow module and connector, which could result in wiring corrosion and damage to the module. An indication this may have happened is rapid flashing of the turn signals, though it could also lead to instrument cluster display failure, loss of heat and air-conditioning controls, and failure of the multimedia system, including radio and SYNC. At its worst, it could lead to a short, which might trigger an unwarranted seatbelt pretensioner deployment, and a possible fire (even when the ignition is off).

Ford is aware of two fires in Canada that could be related to the issue, but no injuries were reported. It is asking owners to return their vehicles to Ford dealers, which will disable the trailer tow measure as a preliminary fix. The final repair will entail drilling holes in the driver’s door stepwell and installing a wiring harness inline fuse.

Of the 73,433 vehicles affected, 8,365 are registered in Canada, with the remaining 65,206 in the United States and federalized territories.

2018 Ford F-Series' EcoBoost 3.5-litre engine

Several other recalls affect the F-150 pickup. Over 15,000 F-150s from 2018 are being recalled to address inaccurate gear selection that could allow the truck to move unintendedly.

The recall applies to those pickups fitted with the 3.3-litre V-6 with the 6-speed automatic and a column mounted shifter. On those vehicles, if the lever is quickly shifted from Park to Drive, it may cause loss of gear indication in the instrument cluster and engage either reverse or neutral before achieving forward movement in drive. If reverse is engaged when drive is expected, it could result in damage and/or injury, though Ford is not aware of any. Dealers will reprogram the powertrain control module, but until the final fix, customers will be advised to shift slowly from Park into Drive.

The recall affects 15,031 vehicles, with 12,429 in the United States and federalized territories, 2,023 in Canada and 579 in Mexico.

2018 Ford F-Series 3.3-litre engine

An automatic F-150 is also the basis for another recall, also affecting 15,000 pickups, this time involving the 10-speed automatic that may lose the ability to shift using the shift lever. The cause is a transmission shift linkage pin that may be displaced. The result is that the driver may shift the lever, but nothing will happen, which could lead to various scenarios — the ignition key could be removed even if the vehicle is not in Park (though a warning will chime and a warning message display), inability to start the pickup because it is not in Park or Neutral, and if it does start there could be unintended vehicle movement, increasing the risk of damage and/or injury (though Ford is not aware of either).

The recall involves 14,952 pickups, 11,783 of which are in the United States and federalized territories, 3,169 in Canada and 701 in Mexico. Dealers will replace the roll pin with an updated part, though until the fix can be made, drivers are asked to ensure the parking brake is always applied when parked.

2018 Ford F-Series

The final action involves 30 F-150s from model year 2018 (22 in the United States and federalized territories, seven in Canada and one in Mexico) that may have improperly machined cylinder heads in the 3.5-litre EcoBoost V-6. The cylinder heads may be missing holes meant to allow oil to flow to the camshaft bearings. Lack of proper lubrication of the camshaft bearings could result in reduced engine life and even loss of motive power, which increases the risk of a crash if it happens at speed.

Ford believes all vehicles are still at dealerships but is asking anybody that has one to call Ford to arrange for transport to a Ford or Lincoln dealership for an engine swap.