Ford recalls over 206,000 vehicles for various issues

Ford Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Transit Connect and motorhomes affected

Published: December 1, 2017, 10:10 PM
Updated: December 7, 2017, 6:14 AM

2018 Ford Expedition

Ford is recalling over 206,000 vehicles for a variety of issues, including loose seat mounts, compromised braking systems, and faulty airbags.

2016 Ford Explorer

The biggest recall involves 2016 Explorer and F-150 with front seats that may have a loose belt adjuster due to a loose or missing left-hand pivot bolt in the power seat adjuster. This could result in the seat cushion experiencing too much travel in a crash situation, which would reduce its ability to properly restrain seat occupants. Although it is not aware of any incidents, Ford is recalling 202,274 vehicles in North America (177,264 in the US and federalized territories, 22,620 in Canada, and 2,390 in Mexico).

Dealers will either replace the bolt, if it is missing, add threadlock and retorque it to required specs, or just add threadlock and retorque bolts that have come loose. The fix is a temporary measure until the permanent fix (replacement of the lift link with new bushings and fasteners) is available.

2011 Ford Explorer

Ford is also expanding a safety recall in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, adding 3,396 Explorers from model years 2011 and 2012 Ford Explorer vehicles for replacement of rear suspension toe links. A previous action involved 2013-17 Ford Explorer and Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles and brings the total action to cover 24,114 vehicles.

In those provinces, excessive mud accumulation in the rear frame pocket where the toe link attaches to the frame could impede the articulation of the toe link and could cause it to break, which would lead to increased noise and could manifest itself in unexpected handling characteristics that would increase the risk of a crash.

Ford F-150 Platinum

Ford is aware of three incidents, with one resulting in injuries, and is asking customers to bring their vehicles to Ford dealers who will replace the right and left rear suspension toe links with redesigned parts.

2018 Ford Expeditions are the subject of a safety compliance recall over second-row seat track travel concerns and improperly installed assembly bolts that attach the seat back to the base. In 566 vehicles, an incorrectly located latch could incorrectly locate the second-row outboard seats, which would result in improper occupant positioning in a crash, which could lead to injury.

Ford is not aware of any incidents associated with the issue, but is recalling 566 vehicles to either remove or reinstall the bolt properly, or replace the entire seat frame assembly.

Ford Transit Winnebago

Ford is also recalling 392 motorhomes and commercial stripped chassis vehicles from 2017 model year (just 2 in Canada) to correct the anti-lock braking system that may be compromised with air due to missing valve block ball plugs in the brake hydraulic electronic control unit.

The condition could result in leaking brake fluid or air in the lines, both of which may result in increased brake-pedal travel and diminished braking efficiency, which increases the chance of a crash (though Ford is not aware of any incidents).

Dealers will inspect vehicles’ hydraulic electronic control units for missing valve block ball plugs and, if they are missing, replace the entire unit.

2018 Ford Transit Connect

And finally, there is a Canadian safety compliance affecting 43 Ford Transit Connect minivans from 2018 model year, which require the replacement of the side air curtains due to a tear in the fabric that could result in improper inflation or too quick deflation, resulting in improper protection of passengers in the event of a crash (although Ford is not aware of any incidents).

None of the affected vehicles have left dealership lots, so dealers will replace the driver and passenger side air curtains before selling them to customers.