Ford recalls over 272,000 vehicles with shift cable issues

Fusion has faulty shift cable bushing; Ranger has badly fastened bracket

Published: May 15, 2019, 5:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 2:55 PM

2015 Ford Fusion

Ford is issuing two recalls, affecting more than 272,000 vehicles, to deal with shift cable issues in Fusion sedans and Ranger pickups.

The largest of the two affects about 270,000 Fusions from 2013-16, all equipped with the 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission, whose shifter cable bushing that could degrade over time and detach from the transmission.

If that happens, the transmission may end up in a different gear than indicated by the shifter position, which might be particularly hazardous if the driver shifts the car into Park and removes the ignition key (without setting the parking brake) while the Park gear is not engaged without the driver aware through light and audible warnings.

Ford is aware of four incidents that may be related to the issue, with one involving an injury. The company will be asking owners to return to dealerships when the cause and a fix have been confirmed. Until then, the company is urging owners to always set the parking brake before leaving the vehicle.

The recall affects 259,182 in the US and federalized territories, 10,282 in Canada and 3,765 in Mexico.

A smaller recall affects 2019 Ranger pickups over a transmission shift cable bracket that may not have been fastened to torque specifications. Over time, the fastener could work itself loose and allow the transmission to be in a gear other than that indicated by the sifter position.

As in the Fusion recall above, that could prove especially dangerous if the driver shifts the automatic transmission into Park and removes the ignition key, which could result in unintended vehicle movement if the parking brake is not set.

Unaware of any incidents related to the issue, Ford is asking owners to return their trucks to dealerships, where the shift cable bracket fasteners will be properly torqued and the transmission selector assembly working as it should. Again, the company is urging owners to set the parking brake before leaving the vehicle, even after the fix has been enacted.

The recall affects about 2,500 2019 Rangers in the US and federalized territories and another 260 in Canada.