Ford recalls Taurus models on rollaway fears

Recall affects 2,100 sedans all in the US and federalized territories

Published: March 3, 2018, 3:30 AM
Updated: April 30, 2018, 6:08 PM

2017 Ford Taurus

Ford is recalling about 2,100 Taurus sedans from 2017-2018 to correct an issue with the ignition that could allow the car to slip out of gear and roll away.

2018 Ford Taurus interior

The issue affects only those cars with an ignition key (push button start models are not affected), which in some cases can be removed without the gear shift lever being in the Park position, which might allow the car to roll away if it’s stopped on an incline without the parking brake set.

Ford is not aware of any incidents but is still asking owners to return their sedans to dealers in order for dealership personnel to replace the shift assembly. The recalled cars were produced at Ford’s Chicago Assembly plant from July of last year through February of this year.

2018 Ford Taurus

All the recalled cars are in the United States and its federalized territories.