Geely readies first Lynk & Co cars for Shanghai debut

Production ready compact CUV will debut alongside compact sedan concept

Published: April 16, 2017, 10:30 PM
Updated: October 20, 2018, 3:52 AM

Lynk & Co 01 - Lynk & Co 01

Lynk & Co 01 - Lynk & Co 01

As reported last fall, Chinese manufacturer Geely will unveil its first offering, a compact crossover utility destined for markets outside China, including North America, at the Shanghai Auto Show later this week.

Back in October, the company set up a website for its new premium brand Lynk & Co, under which it would use Volvo’s Complex Modular Architecture (Geely owns Volvo, as well as the London Taxi Company) to create its first offering for North America — the compact CUV that right now is called 01 (we’re not sure if it’s going to have actual name or more elaborate alpha-numeric designation) — as well as a concept of a compact sedan (right now called 03) that will help fill showrooms at launch. The vehicles will also be sold in China and the European continent.

Lynk & Co 01 interior - Lynk & Co 01 interior

The vehicles were designed by Peter Horbury, Executive Vice President Design. Horbury is best known for his time at Volvo and Ford, with design credits for Volvo’s 70-series cars (sedan, wagon and coupe), the S80, Ford’s Granada, Fusion, Focus and Taurus, and Lincoln’s MKZ and MKX.

“Now with two cars in the Lynk & Co family, just five months into our company’s life, the promises we made of having a range of vehicles ready, high quality, unrivalled technology and connectivity as standard, and a unique brand identity, are being proven,” said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of Lynk & Co. “On top of this we now add a lifetime warranty on every car, and free data traffic for connectivity, to further underline our determination to challenge the traditional business model of the car industry.”

Lynk & Co 03 Concept - Lynk & Co 03 Concept

No word yet on whether the extensive warranty would filter to other markets outside China, but we’re thinking probably not.

“We believe Lynk & Co will offer the most connected cars in the world, with the world’s first in-car digital share function,” explained Visser. “We also offer a completely new business model, with a simplified product offer, transparent fixed pricing and an attractive purchase and ownership experience starting here in China this year. We will bring a unique offer of connected mobility, with the option to share your car, where everything is included. The key to everything we do is simplicity,” said Alain Visser.

Lynk & Co 03 Concept interior - Lynk & Co 03 Concept interior

Scheduled to slip in ahead of entry-level Geely-branded vehicles (in the Chinese market) and luxury international vehicles from Volvo, the Lynk & Co marketing strategy will include online sales and home delivery, and a subscription model that will make its owners some of the best connected on the planet while driving.