Get great gifts for gearheads and do a good deed as well!

Proceeds from online auction to benefit auto journalist Mark Atkinson and his family

Published: December 15, 2016, 7:45 AM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:21 PM

Ken Dallison Corvette Print - Automotive Swag Auction for Mark Atkinson

Not only can you score some great “swag”, you can help a great cause. Mark Atkinson is a young automotive journalist who was diagnosed with Huntington’s at the age of 34. This debilitating disease causes a progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Huntington’s has take away Mark's ability to do the job he loved so, driving and writing about cars, trucks and SUVS. As his condition worsens he is no longer able to help provide for his family - his wife and seven-year-old autistic daughter.

Mark wrote for a number of Canadian publication and web sites, including this one! During his brief career, he earned the respect of his fellow journalists and automobile manufacturers. These people and companies are coming to his aid by donating items of interest for auction to enthusiasts and collectors. They are up for public auction through  In addition, cash donations can be made at   

There is some really neat stuff available here, some great gift ideas. On the corporate side Toyota has donated a brand new 75 km/h Go Kart, Mercedes a slot in its advanced driving school and Porsche some rare collectibles. Hyundai and Jaguar/Land Rover are covering the cost of getting items to the winning bidders. Fellow journalists and others have donated everything from artwork to rare books. There are models of every size and description and even a “Crazy Cart” so young ones can learn how to drift!

The auction closes midnight Thursday Dec 15. Don’t miss out on some great stuff at ridiculous prices with 100% of the proceeds going to Mark and his family.