Honda adds 127,000 CR-Vs to airbag recall

Honda vehicles affected by Takata airbag recall now total 3.4 million

Published: December 25, 2015, 5:30 PM
Updated: October 11, 2021, 10:30 AM

2003 Honda CR-V

Honda of America has added another 127,000 vehicles to the ever-widening Takata airbag recall that has already touched 41 million vehicles around the world, 34 million of which are in North America.

Initially coming to light in spring 2013, affecting 3.4 million vehicles from four Japanese automakers (Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota), the recall now covers vehicles from a dozen makers. The recall is focussed on a faulty inflator module that could cause fracture and spray shrapnel into the cabin when the airbag deploys in a crash.

Reportedly, vehicles in high humidity areas are more susceptible to the catastrophic scenario but airbag-maker Takata has not been able to pinpoint exactly which makers and vehicles may have been fitted with the faulty modules, which is the reason new models are constantly being added to the ranks.

The latest are Honda CR-V models from 2003-04 model years, bringing the number of Honda recalled vehicles to 3.4 million, matching the original number from the four original models. Honda says just about half of its recalled vehicles (47.1%) have been serviced, and the company urges all owners of potentially affected vehicles to get them to dealerships to have them inspected and replaced.

There have also been problems with sufficient replacement parts, but Honda claims it has sufficient inventory to begin repairs on the new batch of affected vehicles and will be notifying affected owners within 60 days.

Honda models now include 2003-2007 Accords, 2001-2005 Civics, 2002-2004 Honda CR-Vs, 2003 Elements, 2002-2003 Odysseys and 2003 Pilots, and 2003 Acura MDXs.

Owners can check on their vehicles’ recall statuses by calling their dealerships or the national consumer service centre at (888) 234-2138, or by checking online at or