Honda releases first details of 2013 Accord

All-new Accord is bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside

Published: August 8, 2012, 8:00 PM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 3:49 PM

2013 Honda Accord Sedan - Rear

Honda has released photos and some preliminary information on its all-new 2013 Accord. Both sedan and coupe models of the new mid-size Honda will go on sale in Canada this fall.

A concept version of the Accord Coupe, very close to the production model in appearance, was revealed at the Detroit auto show in January.

The company touts the new ninth-generation model as the most sculpted Accord ever, with a more spacious and luxurious passenger cabin and an upscale, sophisticated exterior design.

For sure, it's more stylish than either the current version or its predecessor, although still more conservative than daring. Which is probably about right for its intended market.

Equally important, the new Accord is said to feature updated engineering, including new, more fuel-efficient engines employing Honda's "Earth Dreams" technology and a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) for four-cylinder models.

Inside, Honda says, its new intermediate flag-bearer embraces a customer focus, with increased passenger and cargo space in both the sedan and the coupe, in spite of overall exterior lengths that are noticeably shorter.


"The exterior design of the new Accord evolved naturally from a focus on interior space and the needs of all passengers inside," declared Dave Jamieson, assistant vice president, Honda Canada.

Features such as a more-aerodynamic overall shape, combined with low-drag exterior surfaces including nearly flush windshield glass, flush-mounted windshield wipers and careful under-body tailoring promise enhanced fuel efficiency.

Premium details include available LED daytime running lights, headlights and taillights that hint at the sophisticated technology and luxury available inside, the company said.

More information about the all-new 2013 Accord will be revealed closer to public introduction this fall.

The Accord nameplate was introduced to North America in 1976 on a sporty hatchback coupe.