Honda Ridgeline takes a sabbatical

The current Ridgeline will disappear in mid-2014 with no replacement due until 2016

Published: December 12, 2013, 1:00 PM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 4:07 PM

Next-generation Honda Ridgeline pickup

Honda has confirmed that production of its innovative, unit-bodied Ridgeline pickup truck will end in mid-year 2014. There won't be an immediate successor.

But neither is it the end of the line for Honda's outside-the-box pickup, which was named both Canadian and Motor Trend Truck of the Year when it was introduced as a 2006 model.

The 2006 through 2009 models were built in Canada, at Honda's Alliston, Ontario plant, before production moved to Lincoln, Alabama, where the current model is built.

It was the first truck of its kind to be built on a closed-box unibody platform and included a car-like passenger cabin for five and such innovative new features a large In-Bed Trunk and dual-action tailgate.

A new Ridgeline is in the works and, like the original, it is being designed and developed by Honda R&D Americas at its Los Angeles and Ohio R&D centres. Honda says it will come to market in about two years, meaning it will probably be a 2016 model, in which case there will be no 2015 version.

According to Michael Accavitti, senior vice president of automobile operations for American Honda, the next-generation Ridgeline will play an even more important role in Honda's product portfolio.

No further details have been provided, beyond a teaser sketch that suggests a more traditional pickup truck profile for the new model.