Hyundai boosts Tucson output to over 700 hp

Bisimoto costomization creates a “Brute Ute” for SEMA

Published: September 22, 2015, 5:00 AM
Updated: September 27, 2015, 1:24 AM

Bisimoto Brute Ute Hyundai Tucson

The compact Hyundai Tucson is getting a power upgrade, courtesy of Bisimoto engineering, which will see power rise from the base 164 hp to upwards of … oh … 700 and, naturally, make it by far the most powerful Tucson ever.

It’s not as easy as that. Bisimoto’s “Brute Ute” uses the 2.4-litre “Theta II” four cylinder engine from the larger Santa Fe, where it makes 190 hp. Bisimoto enhances it with strengthened internals, a high-boost turbocharger and upgraded engine management system, and feeds it fast-burning flex-fuel. Over 700 hp is put the road by all four wheels, through a short shifting Buddy Club six speed manual transmission.

“The 2016 Tucson was the perfect platform for this year’s build, offering me the opportunity to captivate a wider audience by tapping into the growing popularity of the CUV market,” said Bisi Ezerioha, owner and chief engineer at Bisimoto Engineering. “After hundreds of hours of testing and developing new engine components, we’re confident that this power plant can handle what we’re asking from it, delivering a fresh, race-bred take on the 2016 Tucson with performance and reliability at its core.”

This is the fourth straight year of Hyundai and Bisimoto collaboration for the SEMS aftermarket specialty show in Las Vegas. Last year, the two took on the new Genesis.

To convey the absurd power, Bisimoto also massaged the exterior to give the 2016 Tucson a harder “street fighter” look. It rides on a custom air-ride suspension and white fifteen52 TARMAC R43 five-star race-spec 19-inch wheels shod with sticky Toyo R888 performance tires. At the front, the grille has been removed in order to keep air flow as unobstructed as possible to the huge intercooler that sits flush to the bodywork and is adorned with a blacked out H-logo.

And for those who might want to take the one-off concept on a track to sample the awesome power, a custom roll cage will keep occupants safe in the leather dressed seats (the front occupants secure in Buddy Club racing seats). And since a custom modification needs a high-powered sound system, the Tucson Brute-Ute has been fitted with a Harman Kardon Infinity premium audio system, with Kappa 650 watt 5-channel amplifier, cargo-area mounted subwoofers and door speakers front and rear.