Hyundai rolls out wearable device technology

2015 Genesis will allow remote interaction without grabbing your phone

Published: January 4, 2014, 10:00 PM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 4:07 PM

Hyundai blue link glassware

Korean automaker Hyundai continues to embrace emerging connectivity technologies with the announcement that it will launch its 2015 Genesis sedan with a Blue Link Glassware application. The manufacturer said the technology would feature on its entire next generation of products.

The app would allow owners to connect with their vehicles using wearable devices, such as Google Glass, a head-mounted computer with a glass display.

“We see wearables as a technology trend, expanding from fitness and health monitoring to broader applications,” Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, Customer Connect and Service Business Development, Hyundai Motor America. “As a leader in connected car technology, we’re always exploring new ways to use technology to enhance the ownership experience for our customers. Wearables are a great way to extend the experience outside of the vehicle by leveraging these small screens to quickly access remote features and deliver timely vehicle information.”

“Genesis is a unique take on luxury where the owner experience is enabled through the intelligent application of technology, features and services that empower the owner,” said Mark Dipko, director of Corporate Planning and Strategy at Hyundai Motor America. “We feel this vehicle is a great product to showcase how the latest technology can enhance the ownership experience and give owners more time and convenience.”

On the Google Glass app, push notifications will alert owners to due maintenance and allow quick service scheduling by letting the wearer initiate a call using the device's built-in functionality. It will also give users access to Blue Link features such as remote start, remote door lock/unlock, and vehicle finder.

In 2010, Hyundai was at the forefront of embracing iPad technology when it launched its then-all-new Equus premium sedan with an iPad app that replaced the owner's manual with a digital, interactive version.