Hyundai to air Super Bowl ad in Canada

Hyundai Canada is producing a unique Super Bowl TV ad for Canadian viewers

Published: January 30, 2013, 4:00 AM

Hyundai Gaspocalypse Super Bowl ad

For many TV viewers the Super Bowl ads are more entertaining than the football game itself. Advertisers, including several automakers, spend millions of dollars to keep it that way.

But due to the practice of signal substitution in Canada, which results in U.S. commercials being replaced with Canadian content, more than 14-million viewers in Canada are unable to see many of those Super Bowl ads. Not all, however.

For the second year in a row, Hyundai Canada is producing a unique TV commercial that targets Canadian viewers.

The ad features the Sonata Hybrid in a post-apocalyptic chase scene staged by a crew of Hollywood's best stunt drivers and stunt coordinators. It's said to be an action-packed, engaging 60 seconds with a fun ending, designed to promote the Hyundai's fuel economy.

To add to the interest, two versions of the spot, called ‘gaspocalypse’, will be released online with different endings.

The commercial is expected to air during the Super Bowl's half-time show.

Click here to preview the two different cuts online.